Brand Strategy & Brand Identity Design

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business

Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine

Branding is much more than skin-deep. As a specialist brand identity design agency, we understand that creating a brand is far more than simply designing a great logo. It should flow from the very personality of your business. Presenting your business in an understandable and compelling way to drive genuine connection to your target audience.

Creating a good brand is as much about strategy as it is about aesthetics. It is a holistic undertaking involving business analytics, psychology, messaging, marketing and design. Branding goes to the very core of your business.Your brand should be reflected in every communication tool – your logo, marketing, strapline – but also in every contact point with your customer before, during and after the purchase.

Unfortunately, we can’t share much of the strategy work we deliver for our clients, as it’s covered under our intellectual copyright agreement with them and would obviously, unfairly hand an advantage to their competitors if we shared those details publicly. But the examples on this page give an overview of the range of clients we have worked with.

Take a look at the Our Process page for more details about our bespoke, data-driven brand design process.