Neuro STAR Physio logo & strap line as they appear on the business card, closeup
Neuro STAR Physio stationery set
Neuro Start Physio Logo

Neuro STAR Physio

Neuro STAR Physio provide Specialist Treatment and Rehab services following neurological trauma. The Specialist Treatment And Rehab is where the STAR in their name comes from.

Brain damage can have devastating effects and in some cases the Neuro STAR staff could be working with patients to relearn to do everything again, from walking and talking to more complex motor skills. Neurological damage can strip away almost everything from an individual.

We created the logo mark with a focus on the individual nature of the service they provide, with different coloured figures arranged to form a star shape at the centre. The linked figures suggest working together, support and ‘hand-holding’ – all of which were important messages for the physios to convey.

S2 also devised a strapline with a double meaning. ‘With you in mind’ could be read as referring to the nature of the individually tailored treatment programme – specifically for you – or that the physios are working with you, in your own mind, to relearn and rebuild the neurological connections that have been damaged.

Ambitious to grow and develop their offering, the logo was created to grow with them. The logo mark was devised so that each individual coloured figure could represent a different aspect of their treatment. The logo would spin so that the relevant coloured figure was at the top and the STAR element of the logotype could change colour accordingly – with the relevant colour forming the accent colour in all associated literature and web pages.

Bright colours are also used to reflect the positive attitude that the Neuro STAR Physio team bring to their work.