Ferrock Ltd brand guidelines sample pages

Ferrock Ltd

We helped this new start-up entering the UK financial services space, to define its brand and positioning. Working with them to establish actionable expressions of their vision, values and mission statement which in turn helped to create clarity on the brand direction and the communication requirements of the final brand identity.

We first met the Ferrock founder via the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and this project is a testament to the power of networking. We had no idea when we first connected that Scott was going to be launching this new venture in the near future.

The City of London is a little over one square mile but houses all the major financial institutions. This was a world Scott knew well and his vision for Ferrock Ltd sort to capitalise on this knowledge of the financial landscape of the capital and key personnel whilst bringing a fresh working model and dynamism to that competitive landscape.

The Ferrock Ltd brand needed to walk a fine line – being both traditional and professional to attract the right customers and to be trusted in the financial world. Whilst also presenting as different enough to stand out and establish itself as something distinctly new and different. The look and messaging needed to reflect the disruptive elements of Ferrocks’ offering.

We can’t show much of the strategy and positioning (as that is covered by our NDA to project Ferrock strategy from their competition) but here are some pages from the Ferrock brand guides that give a flavour of how Ferrock will present to their market and an idea of the strategy that lies behind these designs can be inferred if you know what to look for. .

“I’m over the moon with how everything turned out, from the colour scheme to the logo design, and the final collateral designs and layout are beyond what I could have expected … S2 put everything together for me. They laid out several options for the way that I could take the branding and marketing; they also advised me how the options would grow over the course of the business’s lifecycle… I needed to demonstrate knowledge and credibility to the market; S2 has helped me achieve this by not only producing a high-quality logo and colour scheme but also extremely high-quality marketing collateral.

Going with S2 design has taken a load off my plate, as I know my business is in good hands. Being able to communicate with them and walk through their thought process has been ideal. Basically, I have been taught how to drive for the rest of my life rather than to pass a test! I’ll be back!