Our Process

S2 is a design agency with a mission to get beneath the surface. By gaining a complete and comprehensive understanding of where you want to go, we map out the best possible way of getting you there.

Everything is by design.

That’s why a comprehensive strategy and understanding is crucial in order to make your design process, however big or small, serve your goals. We ultimately place our emphasis on data-driven decisions in collaborative partnerships, with a 4-step approach developed specifically with your success in mind.

Data-Driven Design is design that delivers results.

Impactful work makes for meaningful design.

We believe that communication design can make a difference. It holds the power to build a genuine connection between brand and customer that superficial approaches just cannot achieve. When we get to partner with clients that align with our ethos of creating a tangible result that does good, we’re at our most inspired. Take a look at our portfolio here.

Design without strategy is merely decoration. Strategy without data is simply conjecture.

Who are we?

Darren and Andy, our Creative Directors, form S2’s DnA (we couldn’t resist that). Design is our passion and our drive, and it’s been refined since our early childhood years as we are both dyslexic. Like many fellow dyslexics we think in a different way, process things more visually and so working in the creative industries was natural.

Our belief is that with enough data and the right strategy, any goal is made possible – which is also what our experience tells us delivers the absolute best for our clients’ success. Read more of our personal stories here.

We partner with our clients, working with you so your goals become ours.

Our insights.

If you’d like to get to the why and the how of what works in design, you’ve come to the right place. This is where we share our some longer ‘articles style’ pieces exploring our thoughts, experiences, and sharing insights on how to run your brand and communications with strategy and purpose. We’ll be adding more here so it will probably be worth checking in again to see if there is something new that piques your interest.