Stonelock Photography

Stonelock Photography are a professional and qualified husband and wife photography team based in South London mainly focused on ‘people photography’ projects.

Their work consists of a balance of corporate and wedding photography. Headshots, portraits, corporate event photography is offset with a candid, natural, story-telling approach to capturing the events of a wedding day. So, the brand needed to appeal to both the corporate and wedding markets equally.

The name Stonelock is a contraction of both of their surnames and so the design links the two names through the O’s – in the same way that a married couples bond is symbolised by their wedding rings – this married partnership of photographers are linked in their logo.

The stacked rings that link the names also reference the focus rings used in some lens focusing systems.

Pale blue and green hues are used to soften the logo and built a feeling of calm, serenity and confidence.

The brand collateral builds on the circles devise and colours which are used in various ways to create continuity across the communication literature, whist remaining recessive – ‘letting the photography speak for itself’.