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After a great deal of research conducted on behalf of South London based Graveney Building Contractors, it was evident that they we’re not your average builders firm. Graveney were clearly cut from a different cloth from most of their competition.

Their clients always spoke of their attention to detail and professionalism. This was not just in the end product but in how they worked – and even the way they communicated.

One memorable quote from a client was ‘they even cleaned away any mess from underneath the floorboards as they worked, I’ve never seen a builder do that before’. This level of client approval already meant they had an exceptionally strong referral network.

Our final brand logo design was informed by a combination of influences. Drawing plans and bespoke marquetry were two of the key sources we drew from. The final mark also forms a very stylized G.

Where most building contractors use images of building blocks, houses or rooflines of some description, our approach marked Graveney out as something different.

The choice of green also served a two-fold purpose. Green was not well used within the competitor base, nor the industry at large even. Plus Graveney strived to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. Which played well with their target client base.

As a firm S2 focus on serving our clients and creating design that works – the testimony from Iain Humphrey is a wonderful validation of the effect a thoughtfully considered brand strategy can have on a business.

For more in-depth information please read the case study of this project.

We approached Andy at S2 when heading towards a period of growth to complete a total brand overhaul in readiness.

We were after a more professional look all round with a brand that stood out from the ‘run-of-the-mill’ building contractor brand.

Andy’s approach was second to none. He listened to our needs as a business and took a complete picture of us, our clients, our staff and more, in order to give him the full insight into what we needed.

The end result was a branding that not only we love but we have had many compliments on from clients to other contractors and subcontractors.

In the year after the re-brand we almost tripled our turnover and I have no doubt that Andy’s re-brand played a massive part in enabling us to achieve this.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to any business owner looking to consolidate or change their brand. He looks at things in a totally different manner and drives the results that you need as well as being fantastic to deal with.

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