Brand Identity for Forum Chambers London WC2

Forum Chambers

New barristers’ chambers are not often launched so we were excited to get to work on the brand identity for Forum Chambers.

There are many barristers’ chambers based in the immediate area of The Royal Courts of Justice, in Westminster, in London – so the core challenge S2 faced in creating the Forum was to define an identity and positioning that made Forum Chambers out as both new and distinctly different from their competitors.

This brand identity development is one of the projects featured in our case studies where we explain in more detail this particular project process and the work delivered. If you’d like to know more about this project please follow the ‘Read the full case study’ link.

There are also other case studies on the Our Results page if you are interested to read more about the work we have created, and more importantly, the results our work delivers for our clients.

We’ve worked closely with the team at S2 for the past two years on all aspects of our start-up’s design and branding.

We started a new set of barristers’ chambers in the spring of 2015 and needed everything from a logo to a website. The team at S2 guided us through the process smoothly and efficiently.

We were presented with an impressive range of ideas – always on point while also being creative and innovative. We always felt that S2 committed a lot of time and effort to the work and they were always there when we needed them.

S2 initially designed our logos, business cards, letterhead, and website, and brought it all together in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines which continue to be invaluable.

We continue to use S2 for all of our branding and design work – they have designed and delivered banners, invitations, advertisements, stationery, and window frosting, all in good time and on budget. The service is always responsive, flexible and creative, and delivered with a good deal of charm and patience!

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending S2.

Barrister at Forum Chambers