If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design

CEO of Jaguar Land Rover

Getting any design wrong can be expensive, but if the print-run goes wrong then that’s money down the drain and time wasted.

In our 20 years + history we’ve produced artwork for pretty much every possible scenario. From billboards to water-transfer printing and everything in between.

It’s fair to say we understand print and take pride in our print design services. It’s our home.

Before launching S2, Darren was responsible for artwork in the fast-paced newspaper world and then held roles as the pre-press artwork manager at a national print organisation with more than a £1m turnover, before moving on to be the Creative Director at a publishing house.

We’ve seen the general industry move from lithographic to digital printing and have embraced the changes in print technology.

We love print and we understand the impact it can deliver for your business – from SME to large corporate organisations the power of print can be a huge boost to your communications arsenal. In a world where we interact more and more online and in digital spaces – being different can help companies cut through the noise.

Unfortunately, on a website you can’t experience the physical experience of handling the items, experiencing the nuance that paperweight and texture can bring to the finished project, or how specialist print finishing can elevate a design to another level.