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Care Not Killing

Care Not Killing (CNK) is an alliance of several organisations who oppose the legalisation of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in the United Kingdom.

Their goals include promoting better palliative care, ensuring that existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened or repealed, and influencing the balance of public opinion against any weakening of those laws through education and campaigning.

S2 began working with CNK in 2005 when we were asked to create a brand identity and initial materials for the then fledgling organisation.

As usual we explored many initial ideas with the client but the final logo selected is of a paper chain of figures, both male and female standing together and connected to one another. This approach removed any issues of age, gender or race from the visual identity. Palliative care can sometimes be seen as only relating to people in the later stages of life, but in fact people who need palliative care can be any age. It was crucial to ensure the image used was inclusive of all potential situations. The shadow cast by the figures represents the long shadow cast by this subject on the lives of many families.

S2 have worked with CNK for over 15 years, through multiple information and lobbying campaigns, which have been successful in stopping assisted dying becoming legalised in the UK.

The issues surrounding this subject came into sharp focus for our team when one of our directors had a severely premature child and had to relocate to a specialist hospital whilst the medical staff battled to keep his son alive. Originally only given days to live, the questions around these issue became very personal, very quickly. We are glad to say his son is healthy and doing well now.

The early leaflets and materials were designed in 2 colour to keep printing costs to a minimum. As shown, we created material to support debates in the Houses of Parliament, promotional items, campaign items and various educational campaigns. S2 continue to work in close partnership with the CNK team.