Guzzle Brixton London Goodie Box Packaging


Guzzl and Sozzl are sister companies, the former launched in 2017 and the latter in 2020.

Guzzl is based in Brixton and as The Guardian’s food critic Jay Rayner said, Guzzl is ‘full of glorious edible treats’.

Think farmers market quality produce from independent suppliers. They also deliver those edible treats through the mail across the nation – with a free local service within five miles of their physical shop.

When asked to create an identity for Guzzl, we were given the line ‘It’s for people who love their inner piggy’ as a reference for the ideas they wished to convey.

The request was to develop a brand design that would appeal to a mass market, feeling friendly and approachable but the primary audience were likely to be ‘foodies’ with a good disposable income – but who were time-poor.

As usual, we created a number of conceptual approaches of type and imagery, then investigated different colour combinations and images.

The final Guzzl font is a bespoke font adaptation to create a unique design. The soft lines give a friendly and fun feel. Our ‘cool pig in sunglasses’ adds to that feeling of a relaxed enjoyment of life.

The concept for the sister company, Sozzl, is essentially ‘Guzzl – for booze’. Sozzl offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, spirits and wines from the best local producers.

The brand is aimed at booze-hounds. The established Guzzl styling was simply adapted and we devised the booze-hound graphic device.  The logo colour was chosen to reflect the colours of pale ales and cider but had to remain a deep enough hue to read easily off a white background.

Andy [S2] did a great job coming up with a visual brand identity for Guzzl. His work is first rate and he is able to help clients better understand what they need. A pleasure to work with.

CEO at Guzzl Club