Ellipsis logo close up hot foil


When we first encountered the Ellipsis team they had just given up employment at a big data specialists and were branching out on their own. They intended to use their own surnames as the company name. A minimal amount of research soon indicated this was not a smart idea… ‘They sound like accountants, or solicitors’, ‘it’s instantly forgettable’, ‘Really doesn’t instil confidence’.

Our team suggested the name Ellipsis – which is the proper name of the grammatical device of three dots … that indicate there’s something more to come … more information to follow … something missing … you get the point.

Data analysis and statistical insights are often the part of a firm’s business process that is missing.  But it’s that deep understanding of what works and why, what is driving results and how that is working that is essential for businesses to make informed decisions. It’s the bit of information that is ‘still to come’ that is so often sadly lacking. Potentially Ellipsis have a very large market to engage.

Our design of the LLI of ellipsis is a subtle reference to bar charts and data representation. And obviously, we felt we had to use the three dots as a graphic device in some way. In our final design, the dots can be used independently of the full name block when appropriate – as seen on the stationery image. The three dots were also designed to be used for social media icons and small usage scenarios.

To create a more memorable and distinctive impression, we chose a coarse-fibred black board for the business cards and folder design – with a digitally produced ‘hot foil’ look to the print, adding a really bespoke and individual look to the finished items.

In terms of colour psychology black is associated with prestige and value – but can also be seen as mysterious. These were all assertions that fit the firm and what they do well. Data science has regularly been referred to as the ‘black arts’ of business.

The three dots transitioning from yellow to red added warmth and dynamism to the brand palette.