The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Project

In the run up to Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, S2 were commissioned to branding for a project to celebrate her years of service.  S2 were asked to create branding for the Platinum Jubilee project that could be used across various media and to design a gift book highlighting the Queen’s personal faith though out her reign.

The book, Our Faithful Queen: 70 years of Faith and Service, was commissioned for use in churches, and includes the personal devotions prepared for the Queen by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the month before in preparation for her Coronation, Bible readings and prayers.

It explains how the Coronation ceremony draws heavily from biblical imagery and shows how the Queen has lived out the promises made on that day in her 70 years of service.

The design brief required a series of elements to be included within the book design that would be the core branding elements to be used across the entire Platinum Jubilee campaign. S2 devised a logo design, background pattern designs, a border pattern and an emblem which, combined with the overall graphic styling, create the regal and unique feel to the book – and gave various distinct elements that could be used on the website and other Platinum Jubilee items. With a colour palette of rich, warm colours to hold the many historic photographs, a number of which had not been published before, to compliment and illustrate the book text.

The overall design style marries both vintage and modern elements into a single unified aesthetics – which also suggest the transitions that the Queen’s 70-year reign has witnessed.

By its very nature, projects like this do not come around very often. We are very glad we had the chance to work on such a rare project.

S2 were great to work with on our Platinum Jubilee project. They understood the audience and the scope of the project. Their design and branding were excellent and brought the project to life

Executive Director, Hope Together