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Go Plumbers

A sole trader, Bentley was relocating his business to a new area. With a new child on the way, there was a need to stop travelling so much and to build a more localised customer base.

We were recommended to Bentley by a previous client who had seen the benefits of our indepth ‘research & test’ approach to defining brand identity.

First, we conducted interviews with past and present customers – from construction firms to individual homeowners. We needed to understand why people used Go Plumbers Ltd and what factors were important to them in their decision-making process. What did they value? What areas could be improved?

Getting a full understanding of a company’s place in the business landscape and what are the key drivers for their clients is crucial before you can address a rebranding project. If you are trying to do anything more than creating an attractive logo – which is mere decoration – then good research is crucial.

We also spent time with Bentley to understand what work he preferred to do – how he wanted to present himself to his market, and indeed what type of work he was not interested in.

Although our research suggested otherwise, a name change was not something that Go Plumbers wanted to undertake – but it was clear that the brand image needed to be overhauled.

What the interviews did reveal was that Bentley was a problem solver and forensically thorough. Able to sort out problems that other people had not been able to fix before him. A plumbing and heating engineer with Gas-safe credentials Bentley had the whole package. He was trusted, got repeat business and lots of referrals. It was evident that Go Plumbers was definitely not in the ‘emergency plumber’ category.  But his former brand positioning wasn’t communicating those strengths to his audience.

Our redesign is based on a pilot light – showing a flame/water droplet shape held in a circle. With a colour fade from blue to red we allude to water, gas and heating all in the one image. Which is then spelt out in the accompanying secondary line text.

We then introduced Bentley to one of our specialist web development partners and oversaw the creation of a new website with the necessary SEO and location focus to establish more trade in his new area.  S2 also oversaw the brand photography for the website and social media to ensure Go Plumbers had unique images to draw on.

Using a limited budget to produce the most effective outcome is often a key consideration when working with smaller firms. S2 believe we delivered the best ‘bang for the buck’ possible on this project.  Go Plumbers needed cards that reflected the quality of service and boiler stickers to remind people of the next service date but also to have an instant reminder of who to call. The testimonial from Bentley says how well this rebrand has been received.

Branding and repositioning is rarely a quick fix. Bentley understood that his new website will take time to generate interest and then the referral network will start to come into play.