ACG Logo design close up

The Art Centre Group

The Arts Centre Group (ACG) is a membership charity that supports Christians working in the arts, theatre and media, which dates back to 1971. Shown are some examples of a regular magazine we designed for them – limited to two colours to reduce print costs – and stationery featuring a rebrand design we created.

The ACG historically had a logo comprised of three brush strokes in the shape of a triangle (a visual reference to the holy trinity). But the brush strokes logo was felt to no longer represent the organisation’s membership base which now included musicians and performing artists, actors, fine artists, writers, graphic designers, film-makers and various other new media and creative professionals.

The glowing triangle design was created to connect to the history of the brand but also move to a more inclusive and modern brand image encompassing the breadth of talent who formed the membership.  The stationery design contains a large triangle which appears across the different stationery items – connecting them and reflecting the ethos of the organisation with all the areas connected to support one another.