Hive Mind logo & signage


The HiveMind business model was to take market research, focus groups and surveys into an online app to enable very fast and cheap market research, testing and almost instant feedback.

A small reward feature acted as the motivator for people to enrol and they would be segmented appropriately via AI based on the details entered on sign-up (age, gender, etc) coupled with information from their postcode demographics and AI learning drawn from online interaction history.

The logo itself was devised to reflect the idea of the neural pathways and connections within our brains – all emulating from the dot of the i. The strapline ‘The power of collective intelligence’ helped to solidify the concept.

This work was devised for an investment funding pitch to allow the creators the time to develop and test the app fully. We really like this concept – which would be a great addition to our own research arsenal so we really hope this project comes to market swiftly.