Morley Mental Health

Here are some awareness advert designs we created to inspire people to really check how their friends and colleagues are coping – to see beyond the standard knee-jerk responses of “I’m fine” or “I’m good”.
Our concept was to show people ‘hiding’ – both behind the various pass-off statements which we mirrored visually by physically hiding their faces – so the campaign can be understood as applying to anyone and everyone.
We used the statement words as pneumonics, with an expanded ‘real’ definition. “I’m fine” expands to Fearful, Insecure, Neglected, and Exhausted or Frustrated, Isolated, Numb, and Empty. “I’m good” expands to Glum, Overloaded, Obsessive and Depressed and “I’m alright” is expanded to Anxious, Lonely, Resentful, Irritated, Grieving, Hopeless and Tired.
Our directors are not shy to admit they have had to deal with MH issues personally. It’s fantastic that the subject is now a lot more openly discussed in the business world.