Five Talents folder 1

Five Talents

Five Talents is an international development organization that helps the poor save, invest, and develop small businesses through micro finance loans. Helping poor families save over $2.5 million and build businesses with over 99% repayment on loans granted.

Since its inception, Five Talents has worked to build the capacity of indigenous organizations in 21 countries, providing business skills training, information, and access to financial services to over 210,000 individuals.  Currently, Five Talents is engaged on three continents.

These folders were aimed at individual and corporate backers, in both the US and UK, and therefore had to be adaptable to the different standard paper sizes used for print in both areas.

We worked with the Senior management team at Five Talents to create a design that was flexible, could be easily altered or added to.  Presenting the relevant information in small, manageable ‘bites’ with infographics and design elements used to create visual interest, clarify and highlight key information.

It is always very rewarding to us to work with organisations that have such positive impact on the lives of the people they serve.

We loved how the team at S2 Design really took time to understand Five Talents’ brand, ethos and how we perceive ourselves – not just the brief we thought we wanted! We valued and enjoyed our frank conversations throughout the assignments Andy undertook for us, and of course the end result. Nothing was too much trouble either, including our ambitious deadlines. Thanks, Andy and team!

CEO at Five Talents UK Limited