EDS in Croydon coaching business cards
EDS coaching table top banner

EDS Coaching

Business coaching is a very competitive arena – if you are in business you have probably met several coaches. So for any coach, it’s important to make a very strong first impression – and to be remembered.

EDS Coaching had a limited budget to invest, so we adapted our process to fit the budget and make the best use of time and finances – ensuring the best ROI. The EDS logo is a pyramid. Made of different coloured segments – each layer built from the foundation of the layer below.

It’s a visual representation of the work EDS goes through with their clients. Many of the training resources they use were developed as funnel models – drilling down into a subject. We suggested they invert them – building toward a pinnacle and therefore aligning their resources with their stated intent of raising people up, and thus reinforcing the brand mark visual with each delivery session.

The pyramid design mirrors the structure of the famous psychology tool: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is a foundational concept in business and personal coaching.

Creating a folding business card gave us a three-fold impact advantage.

  • It’s unusual and therefore gets noticed.
  • It gives more surface area and so allows for more messaging -communicating immediacy on handing out the business card
  • Using the internal faces to carry a good quality photograph of the coach put a face to the name (or rather a name to the face).

Most of us recall faces easier than names. By including a picture it means people will walk away from a meeting with a hard copy of who you are – and what you do. Again, being remembered is of key importance. As most people say, the decision to work with any individual business coach is mainly rooted in personal connection – how else would you decide who to work with when there are so very many people offering very similar services? So, cementing who you are and what makes you different in your audience’s mind is crucial.

Andy has provided me a great product: comprising my headshot for all of my social media site, designs for my literature and business cards and has completely surpassed my expectations.

Andy is a first class, professional designer demonstrated in the quality of his work. I highly recommend him. Thank you Andy for such great pieces of work.

Founder at EDS Coaching and Consulting.co.uk and Co-Founder at atstartnow.co.uk