EcoForce & Dishmatic

We started working with EasyDo, the parent company behind EcoForce and Dishmatic, in 2008 following an introduction by a mutual business contact.

EasyDo were already one of the market leaders in their category, supplying most of the big supermarket chains in the UK and exporting out into the US, South African and Australian markets.

Originally a family run business, EasyDo was sold to a large American company in 2019, and we are now working with that new team to supply their design and packaging needs.

Over our many years of working together, we’ve created logo and brand designs for the company and packaging for both new and established products alike. We’ve also created in-store presentation items, and sales slides, large-scale exhibition materials for Europes leading international trade fair, banner stand designs, and magazine adverts too.

On-shelf and supermarket sales are all about grabbing the attention of the shopper and positioning the product instantly in the mind of the customer is crucially important.

We all know how visually overwhelming the supermarket shelves can be. Every aspect of a designer’s skill of design, message hierarchy, colour theory and the psychology of purchase decisions have to be aligned to create packaging designs that capture the shopper’s gaze.  All so a shopper can make that split-second decision to put that product into their shopping basket.