CIMA Privileges advert 4

The Chartered Institute of Managing Accountants

The Chartered Institute of Managing Accountants (CIMA) commissioned us to create monthly adverts for their Privileges scheme.

Working within the established CIMA Privileges brand guidelines, we would be presented with a pile of paperwork with information and statistics about that month’s featured product.

Three days later we’d deliver a selection of advert concepts with different images and copy suggestions exploring different approaches to the product benefits from various angles.

The CIMA team would then select one of the advert options, we’d make any necessary tweaks and then we’d get the final artwork off to press within the day.

Anyone can create good design work given the luxury of time – doing it repeatedly, under tight deadline pressure, and delivering consistent results is a whole different story.

S2 are not an agency that is interested in entering design awards. We are interested in creating work that delivers result for our clients – as the quote below from Ali states, CIMA saw increased revenue as a result of the advertising we created.

Following an already established brief S2 were able to develop existing advertising into a successful marketing activity for CIMA Privileges. CIMA saw an increase in revenues as a result of the delivery of bespoke designed advertising to selected affinity partners and products. Acting both traditionally and increasingly in a wider consultancy role. Once again S2 delivered to a exceptional standard to budget and within tight monthly timescales.

National Partnership Manager
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants