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They say everyone has a book in them! But I’m not sure we are all that gifted in terms of writing. When it comes to communicating about your business it’s probably best left to the professionals – and that’s exactly where Scriptiv come in.

Scriptiv believe they can craft any company’s story into an engaging tale.

S2 devised the name to allude to the written nature of their craft and the storytelling, scripted way they approach their work.

The name itself is a contraction of ‘descriptive’ – but also relates to the fact they often get involved in drafting sales and marketing scripts.

We had to create a name that was memorable and available for both trademark and domain acquisition.

There are lots of copywriters out there so we tried to highlight their teams’ strong emphasis on storytelling to attract the right target audience for their clients.

The strapline we created ‘telling tales is our business’ drives home the message – with a little play on children ‘telling tales’.

The logo came about as a fusion of a capital S with single quote marks (or commas) – used to replace the serifs of the S.

Deep red was used as it’s a romantic, warm and sophisticated colour that is provocative, energetic and attention-grabbing – all good properties to align with for Scriptiv.

The marketing image idea of children caught up in a good book, reading under the bed covers is nostalgic and emotive. We all recall having that excitement and wanting to know how the story ends. Good writing can capture the imagination and transport us somewhere else – that’s the power of Scriptiv.