Media 11 logo design

Media 11

At the time we created this work the average ROI on radio advertising was £7.70 for every £1 spent. That really is a solid return on investment.*

Media 11 produce audio adverts for use on radio and podcasts – we designed the logo and ad campaign to help raise awareness of the brand and service and to engage clients who are not themselves actually audio-orientated.

The logo mark itself is devised from the volume knob on a radio and the name references the famous Spinal Tap scene … ‘this amp goes up to 11’.

Orange, black and white is a very strong colour combination, it’s confident and full of energy. In colour psychology terms orange is seen as a playful, fun colour, representing vitality – a great fit for the irreverent, and fun team behind Media 11.

We created the “Attention seeking … that’s our speciality” campaign featuring the new Media 11 brand logo within the main imagery superimposed over images of cute cats and dogs, ‘attention seeking’ in glasses, ties and hats. Who can resist a cute puppy or kitten after all?

* The figures quoted were correct at the time of this project