Legit is a subscription-based online credit checking service aimed at business users. The service can check the credit history and financial standing of potential clients or suppliers in a very short timeframe, so users can have confidence they are always trading with minimum risk and maximum security.

The logo is a bespoke adaption of an established typeface – incorporating a check box and tick element to visually reinforce the company’s activities.

We created the brand identity and messaging, ‘ticking all the right boxes’ and used a very bold black and red colour scheme to also convey strength and security and also referencing the familiar red-tick that every school child longs to see next to their maths homework.

S2 design were introduced to me by a trusted friend at an Institute of Directors event.
From our first meeting I felt they actually cared and wanted to help Legit thrive.
The in-depth nature of their process was exceptional and well worth the investment in both time and resources. They probed us to truly understand our business and gave us benchmarked feedback so we could see how our prospective clients viewed us and our competitors.

Which all has resulted in a brand identity that does ‘ticks all the boxes’ and has been very well received. I’d have no hesitation recommending S2.