Leatherhead Parish Church logo on interior frosting

Leatherhead Parish Church

Leatherhead Parish Church approached S2 design to create a new identity as they approached a new phase, specifically a £1.2m re-fit of the church building – parts of which are over 1000 years old.

Their intent was to re-image and re-order the church premises to better meet the needs of a modern church family and to make the space more adaptable to better serve the needs of the wider community also.

The new identity would form the bedrock of the fundraising activities and point towards a newly envisioned and reinvigorated building – whilst still acknowledging and respecting its long history – and the heritage of the church’s service to the community of Leatherhead.

As usual we presented various design routes exploring different aspects of the design brief, narrowing to a shortlist of three from which the final design was then selected and developed. It references the dominant architectural feature of the church sanctuary – a large rose window.

We simplified the shapes, to allow for greater legibility at smaller usage size, and applied various bold colours to represent the diversity found in their community.

The logo was so well received that it has been extensively used within the actual re-fit project designs also – applied to frosted glass panelling at the altar steps and in the entrance ways.