Epiphany Content

Kevan wanted something ‘epic & filmic’ that represented that moment of inspiration and enlightenment … that epiphany moment.

Our final design combined that core concept with the idea of that brief moment of an eclipse when that sun is just breaking through – in the next instant you know you will be blinded by the full glare of its intensity and brightness.  Combined with a very modern, and slightly ‘spacey’ typeface – we had the basis of our Epiphany Content logo.

To add impact the business cards used an unusual print process. The face of his cards has a layer of silver under-printed below a full-colour logo. As a result, the cards have an iridescent quality – shining and catching the light. This gives them immense impact and presence, and ensure that Kevan achieves the impact he wanted when networking and handing over his contact details.

Kevan is a big guy, in personality, character and stature – and he’s excellent at what he does for his clients. Always delivering to the highest standard, we know he has the qualities to be able to follow through on the strong impression his brand delivers. After all, a brand design has to be authentic and Kevin has a brand as memorable and impactive as he is personally – and that reflects the professionalism and creativity which he delivers in his own work too.

Every time I hand my business card to someone they say “Wow”.

That’s what I wanted in terms of branding for my company, Epiphany Content – something that echoed the lightbulb moment of an epiphany.

Andy not only understood this but delivered over and above my highest expectations.

From the first time I met Andy, I felt he understood the high-standard and originality that is at the core of my company’s values. Further, I could tell that those same values were aligned in how Andy generates branding for his clients.

My branding is utterly unique, impactful, skillfully-finished and will perfectly represent my business moving forward. To say that I am exceedingly pleased with Andy’s work is a huge understatement. I’m bowled over.

My branding has that “Wow” effect and it’s all down to Andy’s brilliance, his thorough discovery phase, diligence in leading and developing the branding process and ultimately delivering impeccably well-crafted work.

Sit down for a meeting with him and you’ll understand straight away what I mean.

I can’t thank Andy and S2 Design enough.

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