JPK Trade Supplies Ltd

The JPK Trade Supplies Ltd identity was created to explore repositioning, this established market leader in disposable plastics, with a more eco-friendly market proposal and vision to transition to becoming the market leader in biodegradable plastics.

Biodegradable and compostable plastics are becoming a more frequently used option as the demand for “green” environmental products continues to grow.

Consumers are looking to use their purchasing power in ways that will leave a smaller footprint – given the fact that a dumper truck’s worth of plastic waste enters our oceans each minute, it’s a worthy endeavour.

Biodegradable plastic is defined by its ability to break down completely into substances found in nature, and in a reasonable time frame.

JPK do not make the final packaging items themselves but they provide the raw biodegradable plastic which these items are made from. They are the first stage in the process.

The JPK logo mark and colour scheme was designed to suggest the nature of their product, with blocky bright shapes that alluded to plastic ‘bricks’.

This was combined with a strapline referencing investment in biodegradable technology – to firmly reposition the company’s vision whilst retaining a clear alignment and connection with the B2B nature of the firm’s customer base.