idology stationery
idology logo


This logo concept was devised for a loose community of businesses based on ethical business principles. The concept was for a centralised charitable body to promote this shared cause.

Some of the businesses worked with coffee bean farmers in developing countries whilst others were trying to invest in, and be regeneration initiators, in inner-city areas of the UK.

At the time this was created the idea of fair-trade was still very much a novelty and so the joint spearheads of education and investment were necessary.

idology was our suggested name for the group – obviously using a unique spelling to focus attention on the fact that the ethical values of these companies was a core aspect of their identity & their ideology.

The overlapping design elements refer to Venn diagrams to suggest the intersection of business and ethics.

This core idea for idology community was overtaken by the fast changes that took place with regard to corporate responsibility, fair-trade & urban renewal movements. The larger ethically aware business movement took off before this charity really found its feet.