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First Love

Each client is different and we like to think we can adapt to create appropriate work for the specific requirements of each brand and message. It’s not about our style or preferences – our focus is always concentrated on the positioning and communication needs of our client. First Love is a not-for-profit based in the Tower Hamlets area of London.
At the time these pieces First Love were posing the question: ‘48% of children in Tower Hamlets receive free school meals, but what happens during the summer holidays?’
This was the challenge that S2 Design faced when we were approached by the First Love team to create an identity for the Love Summer events. The aim was to get large corporations and individuals to actively take part, support, give financially – and so to make a positive difference to local families in need.
But the Summer holidays are not the only time these additional services are needed so S2 had to create an adaptable brand that allowed for different sub-brands. Each sub-brand needed its own distinctive ‘look and feel’ whilst remaining connected to and consistent with the main brand aesthetic.
Building upon their existing First Love branding, we created a new multi-level approach with sub-brands for a series of events throughout the year. Shown here are a couple of the initial posters along the Christmas sub-brand mark showing how the brand structure adapts.