The S2 redesign of the Dovecott interiors branding and communications was created to give a more upmarket feel – which better suited their bespoke design and build offering and positioned them more favourably with their target audience.
The original logo was of a Dove in flight but we wanted to stress the ideas of contentment and comfort – of ‘roosting’ even.  The home-bird at ease and comfortable. We created the brand image and added a strapline to emphasise that thinking … ‘When you’re feathering the nest’.
Use of the pale blue/green also adds to the sense of serenity and calmness.  The use of a serif font help with the sense of prestige and of established quality – but the choice of the font is a modern serif so also conveys the idea of modern design and aesthetics, which are crucial aspects within the ‘decision to purchase’ for potential customers.