Arcubus leaflet open


The City of London Social Investment Fund

Arcubus (also known as The City of London Social Investment Fund) ran a microfinance programme in Africa, raising awareness, support and funds.

The chosen brand logo, which was selected from a number of proposed options we presented, has a twofold meaning. The three arches growing in size allude to the growth and development enabled by the financial investment provided by Arcubus. They are also a visual reference to the Arcubus offices themselves – which were housed in a church building in central London.

The visual imagery we used on the promotional and fundraising items blends common views of the City of London with contrasted scenes of African people and life.  The resulting images contain a visual juxtaposition offsetting the differences in lifestyle, environment and opportunity. A subtle and gentle nudge to the viewer to reflect on the disparity between the wealth housed in one of the largest financial centres of the world and the poverty and struggles experienced by people in the poorest communities of Africa.