9 point plan stationery set

9 Point Plan

Our discovery process can sometimes uncover some uncomfortable truths for our clients. But addressing potential problems early can save a lot of time, money and anguish further down the road.   When we were first introduced to the 9 Point Plan they were in the early stages of starting their business consultancy.

By really understanding what they offered to their potential clients and how their proprietary process worked, we were able to formulate a brand and marketing strategy, which was aligned with their business model and working methodology too. The directors had created a programme which they felt was so significantly different from their competitors that they could branch out on their own – leaving the security of the firms they had been working for. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers.

Their programme would lead clients through the classic steps of formulating a strategic business plan but added in a ninth step – a special process devised by the 9 point team. We are not at liberty to talk about those specifics here as that forms their intellectual property and is, therefore, protected by our copyright agreement.  In short, though, the full process resulted in nine key components to their system.  S2 took that fact and married it with a well-known intelligence test – where the participant has to bisect 9 circles without removing their pen from the pages, in as few strokes as possible.  These two elements lead us to the name and strapline.

The name also helps start conversations and instantly introduces their unique process. The logo and business card becomes a great icebreaker too as new contacts can be challenged to solve the IQ test. Which immediately entices and intrigues people. Getting a client to interact and take a quick test as they look at your business card is a fantastic way to cement your brand and company into their consciousness, combining visual, auditory and kinetic learning in one simple introductory moment.

Orange was used as the brand colour because in colour psychology it conveys vitality, warmth, exuberance and energy … all characteristics that they wanted to portray to their market.

The placement of the final solid dot within the nine circles was specifically designed to be fluid – changing position within the block of 9 to suggest the ever-changing nature of the business world.  Nothing is a fixed point and constant analysis and revision are necessary for any successful business, which is also one of the key tenets of the 9 Point Plan.