The identity redesign for VeloFox motorcycle spares forms a stylised foxes head but also references the V-twin engines found on many traditional motorbikes. The red and orange tones were an obvious colour path to take given the name, thankfully the reds and oranges we all associate with foxes are also a good fit for the concepts of energy and speed that we wished to convey.  The italicised font repeats the angle of the logo and creates a sense of foreward motion.  The logo is unapologetically masculine as the vast majority of the marketplace for motorbike spares are male bike enthusiasts and the strapline ‘Get your motor running’ was devised to appeal to that market – overwhelmingly males between 25 and 55.
Shown are variations of the logo format for different usage, including social media icons (which we always include when developing brand attributes) and stationery items – business card, letterhead, invoice and envelope designs.