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Bull Traders

Personal investment management is a very competitive field. The management team behind this new start-up felt there was room in the market for a slightly different approach. Focused entirely on the stocks and shares market and looking to achieve more rapid results, they had identified ‘risk-takers’ as their primary target audience.

A bull market is a term used for when share prices are rising and market optimism is high. A good fit for the personalities, outlook and approach of the founding partners, unapologetically bullish – and ‘not standing for any BS’.  As well as instantly identifying their target audience and so our name suggestion was well received. S2 created a logo mark that reflected that confidence and optimism which blends the suit and tie uniform associated with city traders with the head and horns of a bull.

A block-serif font was chosen to further suggest stability and solidity as does the choice of blue. In colour psychology blue represents dependability, trustworthiness. It’s seen as responsible and secure – which is why blue is one of the most commonly used brand colours globally – especially within the financial and security industries.

Our work was used to take this firm to investor pitching so we hope Bull Traders will be able to work with us to develop their communication materials in the near future.