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We can’t work for you!

  We can’t work with you, sorry. At a recent networking event, the subject of ‘declining work’ cropped up, so I decided to share our thoughts with you here, tell you how we make our decisions and explain why we’ve ended some commercial relationships. There are some industries we at S2 choose not to work […]

Embracing Chaos

I believe that what looks like chaos to some is often creativity at work. Creatives often embrace change. Sometimes they challenge the status quo because they sense their might be a different way. Possibly a better way, but they will rarely know what that is or how it ‘looks’. It’s a tension I’ve regularly observed […]

How The Wizard of Oz speaks to business branding

We all know The Wizard of Oz movie, even if we’ve not actually watched it, it holds such a huge place in our collective cultural history, that we all feel like we have. But what has The Wizard of Oz got to do with business branding? Bear with me and I hope it all becomes […]

Branding Terminology Explained – plus a few snippets and tips.

People talk a lot about branding. Personal branding, brand values, brand mission. Do you ever wonder what these terms really mean? What are brand assets? What is the difference between a brand, a brand identity or just a logo? I meet a lot of people when I’m networking who use the words but evidently have […]

How not to get binned

Every business wants the marketing and communications items they produce to deliver results. But we all know that most of the items we receive may get a few seconds of our attention, at best, before they are cast aside. Marketers and designers get blamed when returns are not at the expected and projected levels. But […]


Novelty or Familiarity?

As human beings, we are a mass of contradictions. We often seek the new. A new experience, new trend, or even the next new fashion. But we also find immense comfort in the familiar. The comfort of the known. This dichotomy goes back to our earliest hurter gatherer brains. We are naturally going to gravitate […]

The zombie business

… pronounced dead but still kicking!   We’ve all heard the pronoucements. Cinema theatres are dead. And Terrestrial TV is dead – or in intensive care at the very least. As streaming becomes the norm they say no one will bother going to the cinema or watching scheduled terrestrial TV anymore. Print is dead. Why bother with […]